Real Life

For Clinicians & Organizations

Children and adolescents who are socially isolated and struggle with mental health challenges are guided by clinicians to use video games as a therapeutic tool to enhance social-emotional well-being, achieve flexible gaming behavior, and strengthen family relationships.

Training for Clinicians & Organizations in the Mental Health Field

Gain access to a two-hour pre-recorded webinar, or schedule Dr. Sacco for a live seminar on the fundamentals of therapeutic gaming in a multidisciplinary mental health clinic. Stay tuned for our premium training package that teach clinicians how to run the 8-week Real Life Gaming group therapy program alongside how to use the online patient workbook and parent portal.


  • Assessing Academic and Social Barriers
  • Identifying disruptions in sleep hygiene and activities of daily life
  • Identifying Additional Services & Needs
  • Fostering Healthy Parent-Child Relationships
  • Creating Individualized Action Plans
  • Creating roadmaps in therapy for mentor community engagement
  • Paradoxical approaches to treatment resistant clients

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