Real Life

Transform gaming from an escape to a therapeutic intervention.

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Children and adolescents who are socially isolated and struggle with mental health challenges are guided by clinicians to use video games as a therapeutic tool to enhance social-emotional well-being, achieve flexible gaming behavior, and strengthen family relationships.

TUES 2-3:30PM  from July 11th - August 29th

For Kids & Teens

  • Two Age Groups, 10-13 & 14-17
  • Improving Social Skills & Thinking
  • Expanding Social Engagement
  • Enhancing Stress Management
  • Developing Self-Awareness
  • Achieving Flexible Gaming Behavior

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For Parents

  • Identify Child's Academic Problems & Overcome Barriers to Progress
  • Improve Child's Sleep Hygiene & Activities of Daily Living
  • Identifying Clinical Needs & Connecting to Services
  • Translate Child's Gaming Skills to the "Real-World"
  • Decrease Conflict Over Gaming
  • Process Frustrations & Progress in Parent Group
  • Help Break Child's Isolations & Create Opportunities for Social Connection
  • Provide Venue to Strengthen Existing Friendships

For Clinicians & Organizations

  • Assessing Academic and Social Barriers
  • Identifying disruptions in sleep hygiene and activities of daily life
  • Identifying Additional Services & Needs
  • Fostering Healthy Parent-Child Relationships
  • Creating Individualized Action Plans
  • Creating roadmaps in therapy for mentor community engagement
  • Paradoxical approaches to treatment resistant clients

Clinician Info

Real Life Gaming Video

How It Works

Real-Life Gaming balances remote and in-person modalities of a modern virtual play therapy methodology coined “therapeutic gaming.” Three styles of gaming help create group, partner, and individual gameplay. Reflective discussions target in-game actions, between player reactions, and dialogue about what’s going on in their own lives.


The second half of each session we put down the controller and utilize a character creation module teaching intricate social skills while disguised in a role-paying game. We provide the virtual space, and professional guidance to understand others and maintain strong relationships.



Frank's passion is bringing his Therapeutic Gaming model and group therapy program to families and clinicians.

Dr. Frank C. Sacco, Jr. graduated with his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College in Boston, Massachusetts with an emphasis in Global Mental Health. Over the years, Frank has developed and implemented programs in countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, and China. Frank is an experienced community mental health worker with over 10 years’ of experience delivering home-based psychotherapy, parenting evaluations, psychological assessments, and therapeutic mentoring services. He has extensive experience treating complex trauma and reaching alienated youth.